General Donations

For general donations to Whiskers Rescue Foundation, please use this option and your funds will be distributed as needed.

ER/Critical Care Fund

The ER/Critical Care Funds are used to pay for rescue clinic and hospital bills, medications, and treatments.

Spay/Neuter Fund

The Spay/Neuter Funds are to continue are low cost spay/neuter voucher program. We over these vouchers to low-income individuals in the Yadkin County area.

Feral Cat Fund

The Feral Cat Funds assist in trapping and releasing feral cats in the area. The cats are captured, undergo surgery for spay/neuter, receive their rabies shot, and then are returned to the area found.

Fence Build Fund

The Fence Build Funds go to assisting with unchaining of dogs and giving them a fenced area to better living conditions. The builds are for low-income individuals in the Yadkin County area.

Building Fund

Our long-term goal is to acquire our own building to house all of our programs and offer low cost animal care.

Whiskers Rescue Foundation was founded in April of 2016 as a North Carolina nonprofit organization. The organization has obtained 501c3 federal exemption status.

If you would like to mail a check or money order, please send to below address:

Whiskers Rescue Foundation

P.O. Box 293

East Bend, NC 27018


Whiskers Rescue Foundation is Alice Hinson Singh's dream idea of what the local North Carolina communities need in order to "enhance and better the lives of animals." With programs providing housing to animals in cold seasons, unchaining dogs with fence builds, issuing medical and spay/neuter vouchers, and many more programs to come with an ultimate goal of opening our very own facility. In the future, the WRF facility will house all programs while also adding medical care, grooming, and rescue housing by our own staff and volunteers.



Incorporation Date:

May 5th 2016

Effective Date of Exemption:

May 4th 2016

All donations are tax-deductible.

In-Kind Donations

For all In-Kind Donations, please contact us directly at