Whiskers Rescue Foundation's mission is to enhance and better the lives of animals. 

We will supply wood shavings for animals to use for bedding when outside. These will be available as needed and can be collected by contacting the organization and will be distributed while in the community when visibly needed.

WRF will use donated items and volunteer assistance to build dog houses and for use in building fenced areas. If you know of a family or animal that may need this service, please contact us.

As WRF networks with local facilities, we hope to be able to offer spay/neuter vouchers to low-income families. If you need assistance getting your animals spayed/neutered, please contact us.

We will assist low-income families with food for their animals when in need and as the organization has supplies. Please contact WRF if assistance is needed or if you would like to donate unopened animal food.

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